Presto Pack - Johnny's Italian Steakhouse

Presto Pack

Johnny’s Presto Pack™ allows you to take the great taste of Johnny’s anywhere! Pick up a pack on your way home or take one to a party. It’s the perfect option for serving 4 – 6 people no matter where you are. Included is your choice of salad and pasta, along with Johnny’s famous house-made focaccia bread, with infused olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese for dipping.

Choose A Salad (Choose One)

  • Johnny’s House Salad
  • Johnny’s Caesar Salad

Pasta Selections (Choose One)

  • Fettuccine Minelli: Johnny’s homemade Parmesan garlic cream sauce with fettuccine
  • Steakhouse Spaghetti: Made with your choice of traditional meat sauce or Italian rope sausage
  • Chef Andy’s Homestyle Cavatappi: Spicy ground Italian sausage, portabella mushrooms and spicy tomato cream sauce
  • Gourmet Mac and Cheese: Rich creamy Bechemal Sauce of Swiss Cheese, Sour Cream, Cream Reduction and seasonings
  • Fettuccine Shrimp Fra Diavolo: A blend of Tangy Diavolo Sauce, sautéed shrimp, roasted garlic and crushed red pepper
  • Four Cheese Ravioli: Ravioli, basil pesto, marinara and Parmesan cheese
  • Cavatappi Al Forno: Tomato cream sauce, ground Italian Sausage, Mozzarella cheese
  • Traditional Spaghetti with marinara

Available for carry out only. To place an order, please call 30 minutes prior to the desired pick up time. Call 515.287.0848 or tap below on mobile.

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